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At DustBlasters, we pride ourselves in being one of the carpet cleaning service providers in Peterborough. Our service areas extend to more than just carpet cleaning solutions. We love what we do is our motto and we believe in providing the best solution to your needs at the best affordable price.

We are a family owned company and we brothers started this company six years ago. We provide our clients with a personalised service to make sure that they get exactly what they require. Our team takes great pride in offering the best quality services as a customer-oriented company.

As a carpet cleaners in Peterborough, we specialise in providing quality services to make your home or property look at its best. We follow standard business policies that set apart our quality of service to benefit our customers. Most of all, we are dedicated to provide the best customer service and valuable solutions. Our team treats your property as our own and we are committed to leave it in the best condition than prior. The cleaning methods we use are most efficient in the industry and we make sure complete environment friendly solutions.


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Our service highlights:

  • Professional quality carpet cleaning
  • Effective carpet stain removal solutions
  • Environmentally safe services
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Friendly and certified staff
  • Convenient service appointments
  • On-time arrival
  • Emergency, same-day service
  • Affordable low cost rates
  • No hidden costs/charges
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction


Example of our work


Carpet cleaning peterborough - stain removal Peterborough Carpet cleaning and stain removal - before



Carpet cleaning Peterborough - after cleaning Carpet cleaning in Peterborough - after cleaning


Why choose us?

A good quality carpet adds value to any property or home, so it is a worthy investment as well. Carpets can easily get contaminants such as dust mites, dirt, pet dander, feces, road grime and much more. Such contaminants can cause damage to the carpet fibers and eventually spoil your valuable investment. Without a regular cleaning, even the most costly and attractive carpets can become dingy, dull and buildup potentially harmful bacteria and allergens. To improve the appearance and longevity of your carpet, periodic cleaning procedures are necessary.

Our innovative carpet cleaning solutions are designed to take care of your floor carpeting investment. With proper cleaning and maintenance, we ensure prolonged life of your carpets. Our advanced cleaning equipment can remove the debris and dirt buildup quickly and efficiently. We make sure there is no cleaning substance left behind after the complete extraction process. We make use of environment friendly cleaning materials to remove even the hardest dirt from your carpet. Our proven technology ensures the best solution that eliminates dirt and soil than any other cleaning methods available. Through our state-of-the-art cleaning technology, we provide top quality residue-free cleaning in quick turnaround. In fact, we utilize the preferred cleaning method of leading carpet manufacturers. Regularly cleaning is vital for carpets to get the best results out of your long-term investments.

Our Policies as Carpet Cleaning Peterborough

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of personal attention to detail, ensuring 100% guaranteed service. Our team is ready to deal with any kind of carpet cleaning issues quickly and efficiently. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed with our service. If you are not satisfied with any of our carpet cleaning services, you can contact us immediately after the job completion. We will instantly address your needs and take the required action in no time. We have gained our reputation as one of the leading carpet cleaning Peterborough through hard work, honesty and dependability and we are committed to maintain ourselves to these standards of service quality.

What We Do

Our top quality carpet cleaning peterborough process begins with a pre-treatment method in which an environment friendly formula is applied to emulsify the dirt and soil on your carpet. No matter, how old or extremely dirty your carpet may be, our special solution will loosen it and brings it to the surface for easy extraction. Next we will extract the dirt and debris using our powerful, advanced cleaning machine. Our branded cleaning equipment can extract all types of foreign substances and moisture from your carpet, and provide 100% clean surface with quick drying time.

We are expert stain removers and we utilize a unique approach to remove different types of stains from your carpet flooring. There are many types of stains that do not respond to the common carpet stain removing products. We are professionals and we know the chemical composition involved with various stains including oil stains and water stains. We regularly deal with various types of stains including stains caused by pets or kids. We apply different stain removal techniques to deal with different stains such as blood, vomit, make up, shoe polish, red wine, water marks, oil and others. Our expert carpet cleaning in Peterborough is incorporated with exclusive spot and stain removal solutions and cleaning services. From those lightweight contemporary carpets to the fussiest woolen type carpets, we can make your carpets stain-free, cleaner and fresher for a long-term.

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning solution covers stain odour removal as well. Home furnishing such as carpet flooring can easily be tarnished by a stain caused by your dear pet and it also results in unpleasant odour. With hypo-allergenic cleaning formula, we will help you get rid of the embarrassment of pet stain odour.

Our reviews

  • The gentleman that cleaned my carpet were very professional and mannerly. Meehal is a great asset to your company!
  •  I highly recommend dustblasters, they’re really responsive and flexible in planning an visit. The service provided by them has been top quality, friendly and fast.
  • Dustblasters are my lifesaver!! I received new carpet in my lounge just last year. Some time ago, I bought a new puppy and she ruined my new carpet before she had toilet training learned. There were messes and stains everywhere on my WHITE carpet, and it smelled terrible.I did not really think they might be able to get everything out because the carpet is really white and also the stains was sitting for a little while, however they got every one of the stains and smell out! I’m so happy! They saved me so a lot money and time! Recommend
  • We experienced fantastic work! These folks were truly professional, showed up within the time expected, and there wasn’t any mess, or fuss, to deal. It is obvious they know carpets and how to handle them. We will absolutely call again for dustblasters!
  • They provide excellent service! I was referred to them by a colleague from work and they didn’t disappoint me. They are doing a fantastic job all around with their cleaning service. Their staff is also very friendly, skilled and responsive. They are very flexible with booking. I only stopped using them services because I moved to London however I would recommend them to anyone in Peterborough!
  • Fantastic carpet cleaning service, next time I will choose them again. Thx Dustblasters
  • I have been really impressed with all the staff from their company. Very good and cheap. Thx


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What you should do

Don’t get panic, if a spill or stain happens to your carpet flooring. It is common that everybody try to remove the stain on dirt using counter stain solutions. Do not try such chemical as it will result in getting the stain deeper into carpet fibers. All you have to do is to call DustBlasters, one of the best stain removers and carpet cleaning Peterborough. With latest technological advancement, we will provide you with a wonderful stain removal and perfect deep clean. You just have to tell us the type of stain occurred, when it was occurred and whether you have made any attempt to remove the stain and any further details.

We make sure convenient carpet cleaning appointments. We can schedule your cleaning service at a particular time that is convenient for you. We will also respond to your emergency service requests.

If you have any kind of carpet cleaning or stain removal requirements, just contact our team and we are happy provide you with the best solutions available at carpet cleaning peterborough services.